#让艺术抵达生活ART INTO LIFE 商业场景迭代,艺术跨界已成不可挡的趋势。随着艺术与商业、生活的距离在逐渐缩小,纯艺术与商业艺术的界限也趋于模糊。

SUMMER 2023,BIGFISH PR助力Marisfrolg与数字媒体艺术家大悲宇宙合作。从当代艺术中汲取灵感,让计算机生成随机变化的虚拟“新生蝴蝶”,并应用于时装之上。模糊艺术与时尚的边界,赋予“新能量女性”自在艺术美学生活方式


#Bringing art to life ART INTO LIFE has become an unstoppable trend in the iteration of commercial scenes, and art cross-border has become an unstoppable trend. As the distance between art, commerce, and life gradually narrows, the boundary between pure art and commercial art also tends to blur.
SUMMER 2023, BIGFISH PR helps Marisfrog collaborate with digital media artist Great Compassion Universe. Drawing inspiration from contemporary art, allowing computers to generate randomly changing virtual “newborn butterflies” and apply them to fashion. Blurring the boundary between art and fashion, endowing “new energy women” with a free artistic and aesthetic way of life